Keepin' On

"I figure I can either quit, or keep on going. I choose Keepin' On."

The Water Glass

The water glass stands tall and waits

For each to make a guess.

To see how each would value it,

To give a curse or bless.

“Half-empty,” says the angry one,

“As any fool can tell.

Just like this miserable world of yours,

Running on to hell.”

“Half-full,” replies the smiling one,

(All polly an’ a half)

“For there is good in everything.”

And twirls off with a laugh.

A cynic stared with wary eye

And wisdom ‘neath his wig.

Announced out loud (and was he proud!),

“It’s twice just too damn big!”

“I wonder,” thought the water glass,

“If it’s been worth it all,

For half a lie and half a truth,

And half a sight too small?”

Now, glass can weep and this one did,

For none the truth did cull,

Until a sweet voice said, “But look,

The glass is standing full.”

“With water, half, and half with air.”

This simple truth revealed,

Through eyes as clear as glass itself,

A mystery once sealed.

So each one’s way of seeing,

Reflects a different light.

Perhaps through filters of the past,

Instead of wrong or right.

For one saw this and one saw that,

And one saw as he willed.

But given choice, I’ll join the voice,

Who saw it all full filled.

For half a lie and half a truth,

And half a sight too small,

Is not enough when I might be,

The water glass so tall.

About Jim Thomson

Husband, father, grandfather, counselor, and writer.

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